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Coming up this week  

 Friday 27th February 2015 8pm

The Foxglove Trio

Come and join us for a fabulous evening of music and song. We'll have some fun (we always do!)

Floor spots available 


Admission £6

Come and join the fun

2014 song competition - "War and Peace"

Winner: Mike Excell with "Scorecards in stone"

Runner up: Bob Hines with "Dig"

2013 song competition - "This working life"

Winner: Emma Scarr with "Kathy O'Toole"

Runner up: Ray Owen with "The Spitfires and the Hurricanes" 

 Write a folk song for Herts, Beds or Bucks

Competition 2012

 Winner: Sally Barnes with "Way to go"

Runner up: Hamish Currie with "James Snooks" 



 ...And what a programme to come in



What our Guests are saying -

Namara - It is always a pleasure to play at the Watford Folk Club. The organisers are so welcoming and friendly, there is so much talent amongst the floor singers , and they are listeners - the ideal audience for our music.

Hannah Martin - This (Watford) is one of our favorite folk clubs.

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